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Welcome to 1R!

In our class teacher is Miss Raffles and our lovely TA is Mrs Pavlik. We look forward to a fantastic year with you all.  


In Year 1 we are going to be focusing different topics. We always start with an intriguing question such as “Which toy would you choose?" Do you think you would have some great ideas to contribute? We would love to hear them.  


This term we have been learning about the seasons, using the laptops in Computing, learning all about Toys from the past in History.


Every Friday we send home ‘Maths Monkey’ and ‘Reader Rabbit’. They are two special teddies in our class that the children have an opportunity to take home and share what they got up too! 


We follow a range of programmes to support our learning such as Read, Write, Inc in Phonics and White Rose Maths in Mathematics. Together we are going to have lots of fun learning new things. We are committed to helping the children in our class enjoy their learning as much as they can. We have lots of activities planned for the year that will help the children to learn new skills and strengthen the ones they already have. 


We love to share our journey and work with others on Class Dojo and twitter so make sure you keep an eye out! 


You can follow our class on Twitter for all the latest news and updates from our class:@RPSRadcliffe1B


Here is the Curriculum Overview for 1R. For more detail, please see our Curriculum page.